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What We Do

Founded in 1991 with humble beginnings in her own back garden shed, Sherry Smith launched Australia's first ever hand painted doormats. Things went so well, that Doormat Artistry grew to a company by 1993 and ran successfully until Sherry contracted Rheumatoid Arthritis and was forced to sell the flourishing business which ran well until 2015 until its closure.

With modern medical cures, Sherry underwent 2 full silicone hand knuckle replacements which has since sparked her passion for her artistic talents, and creativity to again resume her prided business! So have a good browse around and see what you like, because every single time you order, Sherry can't wait to hand paint your mat!

Sherry has earned a reputation for producing very high quality, highly decorated 100% coir mats. While these mats are regarded by the public as the most premium, she has been able to maintain a position in the market through quality, service and a reputation for reliability.

Apart from the fact that these mats are made from the highest quality raw materials, the hallmark of Doormat Artistry products is the attention to detail and design concepts that are up to the minute with current decor trends.

It is our mission to supply and personalise the best quality coir mats for domestic and commercial use in Australia using the finest raw materials available, including dyes *of unsurpassed colour fastness and saturating qualities, to create doormats which are generally recognised as the finest in Australia.