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Customised, Handpainted, 100% Aussie Doormats

Welcome home! Doormat artistry is Australia's first and favourite personalised doormat company. Add some personality to your home with our high quality, long lasting doormats that are sure to make a statement to anyones front door!

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About Us

Sherry Smith, born in Bendigo Australia attended High School in 1966 and studied the Arts.

Her Business founded in 1991, with humble beginnings in her own back garden shed, Sherry launched Australia's first EVER hand painted doormats. Things went so well that by 1993 Doormat Artistry grew to a PTY LTD Business and ran successfully until Sherry contracted Rheumatoid Arthritis and was forced to sell the business which continued to flourish until its closure in 2015.

With modern medical cures, Sherry underwent two full silicone hand knuckle replacements which has since sparked her passion, artistic talents and creativity to again resume her much loved door mat art business! The love for Art and the inspiration comes from the practical side of painting on Doormats. The simplicity of florals, vines, laurels and the popularity of animals and dog breeds have become interesting challenges along with the advantage of personalised requests and creativity from other people’s ideas.

There is nothing more impressive and welcoming at your home/business entrance than an original, colourful mat that piques the interest of what lies within.


There is such an extensive range to browse. We are only limited by our imaginations. Sherry awaits your ideas!

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